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Photographic organisations unite for Bill of Rights campaign

(Apr 2011)

Pro-Imaging, a British organisation dedicated to promoting the rights of photographers in competitions, has announced the launch of a new Bill of Rights campaign with the support of organisations from around the world.

The new campaign "promotes the rights of creative people of all disciplines, music, photography, video, film, fine arts, writing, etc. It is independent, and open to all artists' representative associations," say the organisers.

Currently, the campaign is supported by organisations such as Advertising & Illustrative Photographers Association of New Zealand, the Association of Professional Photographers in Iceland, Association of Photographers in the UK, the Australian Commercial & Media Photographers, the British Institute of Professional Photography, DJ:Fotograferne in Denmark and the National Press Photographers Association in the US, among many others.

The photo agency Demotix has also joined in its support, as well as the World Photography Organisation and ShootExperience.

The campaign aims "to provide a means whereby all artists' associations can unite around a common set of standards for preservation of their rights. It also looks to promote the Bill of Rights' standards for the preservation of artists' rights in competitions and appeals seeking creative works.

The participants will also work "to educate the public about the purpose and value of their intellectual property rights."

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