Infrared Photography

The world of invisible light

There is an air of mystique surrounding infrared photography.

Its special effects offer the creative photographer a great number of possibilities. Therefore, many photographers have been fascinated with this type of photography, due to the unique quality of the images it produces.

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If you want to experiment with infrared images, it is key to first understand what is infrared light and its properties that make this type photography so special. As well as to explore the fascinating history of film colour sensitivity  and the discoveries that made the production of infrared film possible.

The infrared photography has numerous and varied applications - the special effects it offers photographers as well as the possibilities it opens to other fields .

Creating stunning infrared images though can be a challenge. The amount of infrared reflected by materials can be quite different from their visible brightness. Therefore, knowing which subjects photograph best and picking the right conditions  is essential for achieving the best infrared effect.

Infrared images can be created both with a film camera as well as digital camera. Each presents unique challenges and we discuss how to overcome them   to achieve the best results possible...

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