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Light_Camera_Action Light_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionLight_Camera_ActionWhether you are a beginner in desperate need of direction on how to improve your digital photography, a keen photo enthusiast , or a professional photographer, you will find helpful digital photography tips and techniques, discover inspirational ideas and tons of practical advice.

The technical information is presented in an easy to
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We take the view that the technical side of photography is a mean to a visual end. The technical know-how skills mean little on their own but knowing them frees you to concentrate on your photograph's content and meaning. We will show you ways on how to develop your awareness of the way lighting and viewpoint in digital photography can transform appearances and much more. Seeing and organising your picture is as important as the technical knowledge and it comes with practice. Follow our Picture Assignments for a helping hand in this area.

If you are at that more advanced level, you will find useful the Photo Advanced section filled with practical advice, direction and creative ideas and tips.

Explore the site, there is much more to discover...

Are you looking to expand your background knowledge on the history of photography ? Interested in exploring the works of the masters of photography and in the process getting an inspiration for your own projects? Follow the featured Masters of Photography section.

Still uncertain on the advantages digital photography can offer? Confused about which camera to pick and what accessories/equipment to buy with it? Do you want to clearly understand and master the digital photography workflow?

The answers and many more digital photography tips and ideas are all here...

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Seven Steps To Better Exposure
To always ensure better exposure in your images, following these easy seven steps ...
What Are Image File Formats and Why Do We Care?
Let's talk about the most common image file formats and how they relate to image quality. Learn what you need to know in order to get the best results with your digital camera.
Masters of Photography
Explore the works of some of the most legendary Masters of Photography and in the process get an inspiration for your own projects.
Origins and History of Photography
Explore the History of Photography Timeline - discover how it all began and its key milestones.
Photo Assignments - Ideas for Getting Creative
Inspirational and fun Photo Assignments to help you practice your photo theory knowledge.
Basic Composition Techniques for Beginner Photographers
Understand and master the basic composition techniques key for creating compelling images - from framing your shot to choice of viewpoint and moment to shoot, to picking appropriate lighting conditions and recognising line, colour, pattern and tone in a subject.
Digital Camera Basics for New Photographers
Digital Camera Basics discusses key camera features and accessories, why they are important and how they affect your photographs. Invaluable information to aid you in your equipment purchasing decisions.
History of Architectural Photography and Its Unique Challenges
Architecture has provided primary subject matter throughout the history of photography and thus architectural photography has become a unique niche in the universe of image making.
Photography Markets and Careers in Photography
Explore in more details the characteristics of the different photography markets and what approach photographers can take to find employment in each.
Digital Photography News and Views
Not only do we provide the latest Digital Photography News but we also make it easy for you to contribute views and news items as well.
Photo Tips and News Ezine
Subscribe to Photo Tips and News Ezine to receive photo tips, techniques and information to benefit and inspire photographers of all levels as well as keep up-to-date with latest news from the world of digital photography.
Digital Photography Articles
DPTips-Central.com's digital photography articles are continuously gaining in popularity among beginner, semi-professional and professional photographers all over the world. One reason is its original and practical content. Check our constantly growing list of articles!
Marketing Strategy for Photographers
Marketing strategy for photographers is essential way to ensure that their busines is growing and they are providing the most competitive offerings to their clients via differentation. Take a general look at the strategy here...
Digital Photography Glossary
Extensive digital photography glossary of terms where the terminology is explained in an easy to understand way.
Selling Stock Photography
Selling stock photography can be a rewarding exercise. Find the difference between traditional stock photography and micro stock photography agencies and ways to make money with your digital photography.
Digital Photography Books
The Digital Photography Books section is featuring essential reading resources for mastering digital photography both for beginner and professional photographers.
Camera Companies Sites
Camera Companies sites offers direct links to various camera companies Web sites and is a useful resource for keeping informed on new camera model releases and technology advances.
Professional Photography Associations
Professional Photography Associations and Bodies provide continuous support, education and guidance to the budding as well as the professional photographers. Explore our comprehensive directory...
Copyright Information for Photographers
The Copyright Information section provides resources for learning what rights the copyright legislation gives the photographer and how to make those rights work for you, by licensing your work.
The World of Infrared Photography
Infrared Photography offers the creative photographer a great number of possibilities. Therefore, many photographers have been fascinated with infrared photography, due to the unique quality of the images it produces. We explore its unique world here...
Tips For Taking Digital Photography
Share your tips for taking digital photography and win a free gift! Read on...
Photo Contest - Holidays Spirit 2009
Enter our Photo Contest - Holidays Spirit 2009 and have the chance to win $50 to spend at Calumet. Quick, for more details and how to enter, click here now ...
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