Photo Assignment:
Making Flowing Water Turn to Silk

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The images of 'flowing water turn to silk' are very popular ones and often have a dreamy feel to them. Achieving such an image can be quite a satisfying experience.


To get the flowing water looking like flowing velvet, you need to shoot in low light :

  • At dusk or dawn

  • In fog or in winter

  • When the sun is low

  • In a shady spot


1. Find a place by a body of moving water

2. Frame your photograph - set your camera on a tripod and compose the image .

3. Set your camera to shutter priority mode.

4. Set your camera to a slow shutter speed - say, 1/60 of a second.

5. Set your camera's timer so that the camera doesn't shake when you try to push the shutter button.

6. Release your shutter and wait for the camera to take a picture.

7. Reset your camera to a slower shutter speed - say, 1/30 of a second.

8. Repeat Steps 4 through 6, using a slower shutter speed each time, until the flowing water looks like velvet.


Consider using a  Neutral Density Filter   which will allow you to keep the shutter open a bit longer as well as improve the background blur behind your subject.

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