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Announced changes to UK licensing rules


The UK government has announced that it plans a change in the UK's copyright system via its Digital Economy Bill . Some of the main aims of the bill based on recommendations made by the IPO which will affect photographic works, are as follows:

  • To simplify the current copyright system, including licensing practices, by asking rights holders to broaden their terms of use. The two licensing recommendations in this respect are :

    - To allow an organisation to act as a collective licensing agency, which will license all works in a particular category (music, film, photography, etc.). With IPO adding 'This will allow a collecting society that represents a substantial proportion of rights holders to licence specific uses of a work for all rights holders in a particular category without the specific consent of individual rights holders. A rights holder will retain the ability to say no to this scheme and opt out of a collecting society's extended repertoire.'

    - Introduce new legislation to deal with orphan works, aiming to give businesses access to a large numbers of works that currently cannot be used. With IPO saying that 'Safeguards will include requirements to make a diligent search for the true owners and provision for the reimbursement of rights holders who are subsequently found and claim for the use of their work.'

  • To allow non-commercial use by individuals without payment or the need to ask permission for that use from the photographer

  • To educate the population on the consequences of infringement.


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    Apr 13, 2010
    Thank you
    by: Ana

    Very well summarised. Thank you !

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