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Photo Tips & News, Issue #001 -- What's New !
September 10, 2009

We are heading into autumn and there is a whiff of back-to-school feel in the air. This is the perfect time to review our 'Photo Basics' Section which is providing tons of useful information to help you grasp traditional photography controls , such as exposure and focus options, reveal essential composition techniques , as well as key camera features and accessories , why they are important and how they affect your photographs.

Even if you are not at beginner's level, going through the pages you may pick up some fresh ideas or some new lessons to learn.

Latest Additions to


The latest addition to the 'Photo Basics' Section is the material on Camera Lens Filters and their use in digital photography.

They were very popular before the advent of digital photography as some of the effects were not possible or easy to achieve in the darkroom. Having a digital camera and being skilled at using an image editor like Photoshop, you may feel you no longer need camera lens filters because you can get similar results by digitally editing your images.

However, there are many good reasons for considering using a few camera lens filters, the effects of which cannot be reproduce using digital editing techniques and the properties of which we explore in Camera Lens Filters.

Photography Supplier Discounts

In the black-to-school spirit, Jessops is offering all students a 10% discount on the cost of photographic consumables, such as traditional silver halide, inkjet papers and film processing and printing. To claim your discount all you need to do is show your NUS card at the checkout in your nearest Jessops branch .

Jessops is also currently running an Autumn Free Delivery for online orders of over 50.

For Apple followers, their Online Store is also offering an education discount on their MacBook Pro family as well as free shipping on orders over 76 (inc VAT):

Photography Campaigns

I'm a Photographer Not a Terrorist

We are fully supporting the recently launched, vital new campaign "I'm a photographer not a terrorist" which is aimed at hitting back at the restrictions being placed by the police at photographers shooting images in public places.

The website is launched by four experienced press photographers and outlines your legal rights regarding the section 43, 44 and 76 acts.

Download and carry with you their 'Stop and Search Bust card' which states your rights when stopped and searched.

Photography Industry News

Canon professional followers note that registration for Canon Pro Show (27/28 Oct 2009) is now opened and if you pre-register at entrance is free. Otherwise entrance is 8 on the door, refunded against any purchase made.

For those of you not familiar with the event, Canon Pro photo solutions show is targeted specifically at professional photographers and is designed by Canon to demonstrate the total workflow process from input through to output.

Canon Pro Photo solutions

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Thanks for your support and enjoy the crisp air of autumn,

Irina & Gianfranco

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