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Photo Tips & News, Issue #011 -- What's New !
July 15, 2010

Welcome to the July 2010 issue of   DPTips Central   newsletter!


This month’s issue is packed with lots of interesting stories, industry news and tips that caught our attention in the past month. So let’s get started…

Photography Industry News

UK Home Office to review photography rights in anti-terror law rewrite
Theresa May, the UK Home Secretary, has said that her government is making street photography rights a priority in its review of anti-terrorism legislation.

The review is expected to last until autumn and will look at what counter-terrorism powers and measures could be rolled back "in order to restore the balance of civil liberties and counter-terrorism powers" and will focus on six areas - one of them being "stop and search powers in section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 and the use of terrorism legislation in relation to photography," says the Home Secretary.

Mamiya slashes medium format prices
Mamiya Digital Medium Format.
After an initial test in the US, medium format camera maker Mamiya has announced that it is now offering, worldwide, three of its models at "DSLR prices." Its DM22, DM28 and DM33 cameras systems will now retail from $9995/€6995 in Europe and in the rest of the world. The systems use the Mamiya 645DF body, a digital back by Leaf, and come with Phase One's Capture One image processing and editing application.

Technical highlights of the systems include superior performance data, such as high resolution, richly detailed files up to 190MB 16bit TIFF per image. Each system features the largest medium format touch screen display (6x7cm) available for simple handling. The 645DF camera is designed to be the most reliable and durable medium format camera on the market.

For detailed product specifications and where to buy, please visit

Nikon to introduce "new concept" camera
Nikon's president, in an interview with Bloomberg, has revealed that the Japanese firm plans to release a new concept camera that could include video capabilities and be mirrorless. The "new type of single-lens reflex camera " could come as early as this fiscal year, which ends in March 2011.

A mirrorless camera would compete directly with Panasonic's and Olympus' Micro FourThird cameras, as well as similar concepts by Sony, Ricoh and Samsung. Canon and Pentax have yet to enter the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera segment.

Sony enables 3D imagery with NEX upgrade
Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3 interchangeable lens
The technology uses the Sweep Panorama feature Sony introduced last year to its range of point-and-shoot cameras. The feature, also included in the NEX-5 and NEX-3 cameras, lets users take panoramic images by sweeping a scene from left to right. The camera's software will then stitch the images together to create a panorama.

By utilising this feature, the updated software creates a 3D panorama that can be "enjoyed in 3D when the camera is connected to a 3D Bravia or a compatible 3D TV." The TV set will broadcast two sets of images - one for the left eye, the other for the right eye - creating the illusion of 3D.

If you are not ready yet to enter the 3D world, it is still worth downloading the firmware update as it also offers other enhancements such as improved 2D Sweep Panorama shooting and quicker start-up in low-light conditions.

To download the update, visit

Stay sharp with a SteadePod
How many of you have felt that carrying their tripod around is a bit of a burden... If you are part of this club, you might want to try this new clever device which allows you to keep your images sharp in low light, low exposure or high zoom situations.

SteadePod The SteadePod is effectively an anchor for your camera that screws into your camera's tripod mount, slips under your foot and provides the ‘thirdleg’ that helps stabilise your images.

It is compact, lightweight and quick to setup - just pop it in your bag and your ready to go.

SteadePod cost just GBP29.99 and to see it in action visit

And here is the world’s most expensive camera
 Daguerreotype Giroux Camera

On May 29th, WestLicht Photographica Auction auctioned one of the first Daguerreotype cameras ever produced. The wooden sliding-box camera was made in Paris in September 1839 by Alphonse Giroux, a few weeks after the first public announcement of photography.

It was discovered recently after having spent decades in private ownership in northern Germany. 'The outstanding original condition of the 170-year-old apparatus is remarkable,' said the auction house, which believed the device would fetch in excess of its previous record of €576,000. However, the final bid went beyond WestLicht's expectations and the camera sold for €732,000, making it the most expensive camera in the world.

Photography Competitions and Exhibitions

Extension of the deadline for UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards
Photographers now have until 31 July to enter the UK Picture Editors Guild Awards, a new competition for press photographers.

Press photographers can enter up to five images in seven categories - sports, royal, news, celebrity, business, photo essay, young photographer and citizen photographer. The awards are sponsored by BT, Bloomberg, Newscast and SABMiller, the latter offering a GBP1000 cash prize for the overall photographer of the year. Individual category winners will receive GBP500 each.

For more details, visit

Photography Suppliers - Latest News

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Irina & Gianfranco

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