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Digital Photography Tips Central. Online Guides, Useful Ideas and Resources

Digital photography tips by and for photographers of all levels. Get helpful digital photography hints and techniques, discover inspirational ideas and practical advice.

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Imogen i ja.

Imogen Cunningham jest moją inspiracją. Każdy, bez wyjatku każdy jej obraz akceptuję i kocham. To powolne poznawanie, bardzo wolne kroki. Jestem tak bardzo

Continue reading "Imogen i ja."

Picking Up Jane Brown

Jane Brown? Never knew the woman, never met her, wish I had. Became vaguely aware of her photography a few years back, saw an image of the goggle-eyed

Continue reading "Picking Up Jane Brown"

Creative Camera Controls

Creative Camera Controls - varying the way you use aperture, shutter speed, focal length, and subject distance can be put to variety of create use to better communicate and express your ideas.

Continue reading "Creative Camera Controls"

Imogen Cunningham - Her Life and Work

Imogen Cunningham is considered one of the leading figures in American photography of the 20th century, creating an extraordinary large and diversified body of imagery.

Continue reading "Imogen Cunningham - Her Life and Work"

Choice of Moment to Shoot

What influences the choice of moment to shoot? How can we capture the decisive moment in a scene into a photograph? The answers are all here...

Continue reading "Choice of Moment to Shoot"

Camera Lens Filters Explained

Camera lens filters help make better images as sun's glare can affect both the colour and the details of your subjects and backgrounds. We explore the various filter types with their specific functions.

Continue reading "Camera Lens Filters Explained"

Creating Balance in Your Images

Visual elements such as the different areas of tone, colour and line detail can either create a balance or tension in an image. Learn how to combine subject, camera's viewpoint and framing to create an effective image.

Continue reading "Creating Balance in Your Images"

Photography Assignment Project ABC

From all projects which I have seen suggested on the internet I like the most this one. So I put in post as a project for a month. I was going out with

Continue reading "Photography Assignment Project ABC"

Ice & Water

I was walking through the ski village of St Sorlin D'Arves when I came across this scene and thought it would be perfect.

Continue reading "Ice & Water"

History of Architectural Photography and Its Unique Challenges

Architecture has provided primary subject matter throughout the history of photography and thus architectural photography has become a unique niche in the universe of image making.

Continue reading "History of Architectural Photography and Its Unique Challenges"

Digital Photography Software

Digital Photography Software section is an invaluable resource for any photographer, discussing the choices of image-editing solutions, FTP transfer softwares, reverse image searching and much more....

Continue reading "Digital Photography Software"

Getting Recognition for Your Photographic Work

Getting recognition for your photographic work upon completing your studies is essential to make the move into the professional world. Read the article for more details on how to do just that...

Continue reading "Getting Recognition for Your Photographic Work"

Author trying to do the 'copy' right, thing!

I am an Independent Author. I have a self Published travel book out, first in e-book form and now in paperback. I asked my friends, in a rock group,

Continue reading "Author trying to do the 'copy' right, thing!"

Raíces/Roots Fountain

This was taken on May 1 in San Juan Puerto Rico. I had my camera gear with me, with new Tiffen ND filters that I wanted to experiment with. I knew of

Continue reading "Raíces/Roots Fountain"

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