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Avoid Shooting Without a Memory Card

by Nick

Often camera makers set their digital cameras up in a way that allows you to take photos without actually having a memory card in the camera. Just like you would expect - you press the shutter button and the image will appear on the camera's LCD screen with the one important difference that the images are not saved !

You might ask - Why they do that !?! Well, they want the sales people at the camera store to be able to hand you the camera so you can take a few shots to see how the camera feels...

So to make sure you do not ever loose precious moments and to avoid disappointment, my tips is - the first thing you do with a new camera is to turn on the camera lock to ensure it will not take a shot without a memory card in the camera.

For NIKON users, go to 'Custom Setting' menu and choose 'No Memory Card'. Change the setting FROM 'Enable Release' TO 'Release Locked' .

For CANON users, go to the 'Shooting' Menu and choose 'Shoot Without Card'. Set the function to OFF.

I hope you have found this tip useful !

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